What is ArchiAid?

ArchiAid: 3 Operational Objectives

  1. 1. The Building of a Multi-Faceted Platform to Support Regional Reconstruction and Development through an International Network

    Making use of an international network of architects and universities, we will create a pool of creative talent that will supply interdisciplinary expertise, providing multifaceted support for such activities as urban planning, reconstruction design consultation, and cultural and educational community care

  2. 2. The Revival of Architectural Education/Development of a Practical Reconstruction Education Service

    Positioning our long-term support for regional reconstruction as a process of cultural revival, we will match the expertise of architects and specialists with the needs of disaster-stricken areas, encouraging the involvement of residents and students in this process. This aims to develop a practical educational service in support of reconstruction, while also nurturing the young people who will sustain these regions in the future.

  3. 3. Accumulation and Illumination of Disaster Knowledge

    Supporting interdisciplinary research and educational activities concerning the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, we will work toward the accumulation and illumination of knowledge about the disaster so that it can be handed down to subsequent generations.


An Appeal for Participation in ArchiAid, an Architects’ Network to Support Reconstruction Following the Tohoku Earthquake

You are no doubt well aware of the devastating and extensive damage produced by the Tohoku Earthquake to coastal areas of the Tohoku and Northern Kanto regions of Japan. In the realm of architecture, not only were numerous buildings destroyed, but the region’s architectural culture, as well as the intangible assets of locally-based architectural education, also suffered heavy damage. Currently, many voices have arisen in support of emergency aid and rebuilding efforts.

As Japanese architects and those involved in architecture, we wish to actively support the affected areas and their reconstruction efforts, including the revival of the region and the rebirth of its architectural culture and education. To that end, we have created a reconstruction support network of architects, called ArchiAid, and propose a joint, cooperative effort toward the revival of disaster-stricken areas. For this type of aid to work effectively, there must be close collaboration with those in the local areas. We must quickly establish a platform capable of bringing together the numerous aid efforts into a network, while directing such activities appropriately to the stricken areas that need help.

We propose as the basis for such a platform the Sendai Design League, which has linked together the architectural departments of local universities while giving voice to the architectural culture of Sendai, located at the heart of the stricken area. We appeal to the world for donations and assistance toward creating the network and supporting the activities of this platform. The Sendai League will also be partnering with Architecture for Humanity, the world’s largest nonprofit design and building services firm.

The Sendai Design League, which is centered on Tohoku University, will put collected funds to use toward building and putting into operation a foundation to support reconstruction efforts in the disaster zones; toward the revival of design education that was damaged by the earthquake; and toward the accumulation and illumination of knowledge pertaining to the disaster. We fervently hope that the recovery from this calamity will provide an opportunity for rebuilding the architectural culture and education in the stricken areas. We ask for your understanding and support.

Association Outline

General Incorporated Association ArchiAid
September 30, 2011
Representative Director
Keisuke Inuzuka
Principal Office
3-3-16, Oroshimachi, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 984-0015, Japan
Oroshimachi Office
#29, TRUNK, 2-15-2-5F, Oroshimachi, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 984-0015, Japan
Bureau Staff
  • Keisuke Inuzuka / Representative Director
  • Masashige Motoe / Director-general (Department of Architecture and Building Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University, Associate Professor)
  • Yoshihiro Horii / Vice Director-general (Office-AL, President / Miyagi University, Part-time Instructor)
  • Yumi Tanaka / Regional Support Manager / Press
  • Yusuke Sugaya / Staff (Atelier Hitoshi Abe)
  • Toshihiro Ohba / Regional Support Staff
Total: 6 (as of March 1, 2014)

Requests for Donations or Support

Thank you very much for your support with the purpose of the ArchiAid.
End of September 2011, ArchiAid Incorporated as a “general incorporated association” to accept donations on an ongoing basis. The donation to the ArchiAid is managed by our corporate account and it will be used for various non-profit activities such as the support activities for the disaster area reconstruction, the accumulation of knowledge of earthquake. We look forward cooperation on understanding.
Please conform the following steps regarding the donation. Thank you.

  1. Step.1 Make your donation via wire transfer to our bank.
  2. Step.2 Subscribe our online donation form.
  3. Step.3 You will receive a letter with donation certificate. Thank you.
Name of donation
Donation for reconstruction from the great east Japan earthquake and tsunami
Purpose of donation
The revival of architectural education network and facilitate the revival and reconstruction of disaster-stricken areas in Japan
Name of the Bank:
The 77 Bank,Ltd.
Swift Code:
Name of the Branch:
Head Office
Address of the Bank:
3-3-20, Chuo , Aoba-ku Sendai-shi, Miyagi, 980-0021, Japan
Account Number:
Name of the Account Holder:
Ippan Shadan Houjin ArchiAid (Representative Director: Keisuke Inuzuka)